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Equine Massage Therapist: Carol Hunter

My work:

Animal therapy is a blessing which brings healing and balance to those with whom I work and much peace and joy to myself! My work is a holistic treatment. Ach session is designed to provide attention to individual needs and concerns. Working with equines, of varied breeds and disciplines, as well as canines, I combine Massage, Reiki, magnetics, and the incorporation of sensitive acupressure points.

In 2000 I became certified in Equine Sports Massage through Mary Schreiber of Equissage in Virginia. In 2006, the title of Reiki Maser was bestowed upon me as a result of my work and my studies with Rachel Berry, Reiki Master, of Stein Hospice in Sandusky, Ohio

Reiki is energy work; a technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and the promotion of healing. “Rei” can be interpreted to mean higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness. “Ki’ is interpreted as life energy. Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy.

Both massage and Reiki affect all the systems of the body. Ina therapy session, the obvious work is seen as muscular. Muscles are made up of fibers which can become tight. When continued to be worked, these fibers can develop “knots”. Ultimately, when pushed too far, the muscle can tear. This, of course, can be a very serious occurrence and can take much time to heal. Regular massage and therapy can keep the muscles clean and free from knots and problems.

Additional benefits of equine massage include: improved circulation, reduced inflammation and swelling, and healthy skin and shiny coat. Injuries of all types can be healed more rapidly and even old injuries find improvement when circulation is improved. Improved circulation also aids in improving skin and coat condition. This works also decreases inflammation and swelling which in turn relieves pain.

While working the manipulation of body tissue, I am also working with the flow of energy. Meridians and pressure points require special attention. Open energy flow leads to good mental, emotional, and physical health. In a therapy session, most animals will exhibit signs of toxin release. Good muscle tone, circulation and exercise are very valuable components to a strong skeletal system and a healthy horse.

Several horses residing at Timber Ridge Stables receive my work on a regular basis. In addition I travel to may other locations.

Each session includes Massage and Reiki

Rate: $55.00 

Facilities Include

  • 140x70 Indoor Arena
  • Heated barn
  • 12x12 stalls with automatic waterers
  • 210x90 covered riding arena
  • Fly spray system above each stall
  • Indoor and outdoor cold/hot wash rack
  • 40 acres of pasture
  • Miles of groomed trails
  • Washer and dryer
  • First class lobby for boarders & guests including restroom and shower
  • Trailer parking available