Bike classes

Some tracks may offer classes not listed in this book and are non points paying classes. Each track is individually owned and operated. Riders should not compromise scholastic sports (high school or college) by accepting monetary awards.


Minicycle Classes:

Jr. Pee Wee*..... 0-51cc Automatic ...... 4-6 years

Sr. Pee Wee*.... 0-80cc Automatic ...... 7-8 years

65cc................................ 52-65cc... 11 & under

Trail Bike 0-150cc air cooled 4 strokes 15 & under

Jr. Mini**.......................... 0-85cc... 12 & under

Sr. Mini***...................... 0-105cc... 13-15 years

  * The machine must remain in the class in which it was originally manufactured.

  ** No Big Wheel Mini’s.

*** Includes KX Big Wheel, Honda Expert & 4 stroke models up to 150cc.

Definition:  Minicycle - shall mean a two-wheeled motor powered vehicle with a rear wheel size of not less than 12” nor more than 17” and a front wheel size of not more than 19”. Handlebar span shall not exceed 32”.

Definition: Motorcycle - shall mean a two-wheeled motor powered vehicle with a wheelbase of 53” or more, measured at the center of the axle on a line parallel with the ground and having a rear wheel size of not less than 17” nor more than 23” and a front wheel size of not less than 18” nor more than 23”.

Motorcycle Classes:

    XXA/Money Bike - 125cc and up

    Open A 125cc & up                                     

    Open B 125cc & up                                     

    Open C 125cc & up                                           

    Senior I - 30 years and over                      

    Senior II - 40 years and over                   

    Super Senior - 50 years and over

    Masters - 56 years and over

    Bomber - Bike is a 1997 or older model

    Woodsman - (Novice/Trail Rider) 125cc & up

Mini Quad Harescramble Classes

Youth Classes:

Jr. Mini 9 and under (0-90cc 9 & under 2 stroke and 4 stroke)

Sr. Mini 10-15 yrs old   2 Stroke 80cc - 104cc

                                            4 Stroke 90cc - 125cc

Super Mini 10-15 yrs. old ( 4 Stroke 90cc - 125cc OEM clutch (ex. Yamaha Raptor 125)



Regular Quad Classes: 

 XX A /Money                                                                                

Open A – Expert 250cc and up                                                  

Open B – Advanced 250cc and up                                           

Open C – Intermediate 250cc and up                                      

Senior I 30 and over 250cc and up

Senior II 40 and over 250cc and up                             

Jr. Woodsman 200cc – 300cc production machines 17& under

Woodsman –Beginner 250cc and up    


We offer near year round racing in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for bikes and quads in the sports of Motocross, Harescramble, and Flat Track.  Email us for a schedule and find a track near you!

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