Welcome to the Nord 5th Grade Band Website

This page is BRAND new and will develop as the school year progresses.  We will post all of our handouts, schedules, and other paperwork here.  We will also use this space for current announcements of the band program.

Beginning Instrument "Trials"

Your child will be given a formal assessment on the instruments available for Beginning Band and Orchestra. Our technicians will carefully placed the instrument that best suits your son’s or daughter’s needs while keeping in mind what they want to play.   Please consider that we also need to have a well balanced instrumentation for the ensembles and students may be asked to play other instruments to fill that need.  Parents and students are invited to attend our Informational Meeting in the Nord Gym on Thursday, August 31st at 6:30PM. We will have instrument vendors in attendance for your convenience. You may choose to rent from said companies while at the meeting. We will also give you advice on what to look for in an instrument if you wish to pursue outside sources.

2017 Beginning Band Recruitment Schedule

Tuesday, August 29th:      Instrument Assembly at 1:45PM to introduce students about the opportunity to join.
Wednesday, August 30th:      Instrument Trials: Students will be able to hold/look/play with interested instruments.
Wednesday, August 30th:      Short meeting at 2PM in the band room for those wanting to tryout on percussion
Thursday, August 31st:      Instrument Trials: Round 2 for the classes that did not attend on Wednesday.
Thursday, August 31st:       Percussion tryouts at 2PM in the band room.
Thursday, August 31st:       Parent Meeting: Held at 6:30PM in the Nord Gym for all interested in joining.
Monday, September 11th:      We Begin with Group Lessons during Music “Specials” start. Instruments are needed!
Monday, December 11th:      Demonstration Concert: 7PM in the Nord Gymnasium. FREE!

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