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Winter Concert

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    Band Director:
    Christopher A. Barbaro

    Assistant Director:
    Christopher Lash

    6-8 Grade Director:
    Christy Perry

    Junior High Webpage

    Booster President:
    Jeff Rakar

    Booster Vice-P:

    Sandy Pack

    Booster Treasurer:
    Bethany Matos

    Booster Secretary:
    Amy Rakar

    Booster Secretary:
    Jennifer Amon

    Amherst Steele H.S.
    450 Washington Ave.
    Amherst, Ohio 44001


    We will have check points at each of the day’s activities. These check points are just to ensure that our students are where they are supposed to be and to check to see if everything is ok. Please keep in mind, we are going to Florida to represent our school and the Amherst community. The Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct” is in force throughout the trip. There is a zero tolerance level with respect to alcoholic beverages, tobacco, illegal drugs, and/or cell phones. If you have your cell phone with you....keep it out of site during times we need your attention!

    When you arrive at 7:00 AM:
    1. Take your luggage and bags to the gym and line them up by your room for inspection
    2. Report to the tables in the lobby and check in with your bus captain.
    3. If you have not done so already, turn in your consent form.
    4. Get your Garment Bag and hang it on the rack. Marching Shoes in luggage!
    5. Report to the band room and wait for inspection to finish (please be quiet)
    6. Make sure instruments are ready to be loaded
    7. Allow Student Bus Crew Time to load
    8. No one boards the bus until Mr. Barbaro gives the word

    Bus Loading at 8:15 AM:
    1. All instruments on Bus 3 (except Tenors)
    2. All garment bags on Bus 1 (Tenors upside down - uniforms on top of them)
    3. Begin luggage on Bus 2. When it is full, load luggage on Bus 1
    5. At times, we put drum harness on Bus #1 as they take up too much room on Bus #3.
    6. CARRYON bags are stored in the overhead compartments on your bus with you and is your responsibility.

    Baggage Check

    We will be holding a baggage check before we depart for Florida. When students arrive at 7:00 AM, they are to place their luggage and bags in the gym to be inspected for illegal substances. During this inspection, students will be situated in the band room. To make check-in go faster, we are asking that students have parents sign the consent/release form at home. This then negates having parents drive and students can then carpool. PLEASE NOTE: students are required to have the Parent Release and Consent form signed in order to GET ON THE BUS! Forms have been uploaded to the PDF page and now can be turned in at any time.

    The bus is usually cold at night - I suggest a sweatshirt, coat, or blanket and a pillow. You may carry things to eat and drink on the bus ride. HOWEVER, Pop or Juice should only be carried in containers that can be closed - cans spill and make a mess. REMEMBER - we must keep the bus clean!


    Disney has VERY STRICT REGULATIONS regarding backstage behavior/rules. In fact the staff has to wear suits. They require ALL students to be fully attentive and quiet during their short orientation. Absolutely NO photography or videotaping is permitted outside certain areas. They expect their visiting performance groups to conform to the same appearance standards as their professional park performers. No scuffed shoes, No ear rings, No sunglasses. There are no exceptions.

    Next Performance

    Jazz Festival
    Thursday, May 2nd
    Report:  6:30PM
    Perform:  7:00PM
    Steele Cafeteria

    Spring Concert
    Thursday, May 9th
    Report: 6:30PM
    Perform: 7:00PM
    Steele Cafeteria

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