Comet Car Wash

Sundays @ Tuffy on 58
11AM to 3PM

July 1 - Bari, Percussion, Tuba
July 8 - Guard, Sax, Trombone
July 15 - Trumpet, Mello

If you can't make your day
go to another one. You are
required to do one Car wash.

Proceeds go toward the Lockin!

Competition Show

2018 Competiton Show

    Contact Us!

    Band Director:
    Christopher A. Barbaro

    Assistant Director:
    Christopher Lash

    6-8 Grade Director:
    Christy Perry

    Junior High Webpage

    Booster President:
    Jeff Rakar

    Booster Vice-P:

    Sandy Pack

    Booster Treasurer:
    Bethany Matos

    Booster Secretary:
    Amy Rakar

    Booster Secretary:
    Lisa MacLean

    Amherst Steele H.S.
    450 Washington Ave.
    Amherst, Ohio 44001

    Just a reminder!

    Just a quick reminder that the last car wash is Sunday, July 15th at 11AM - Tuffy. If you did not go to the previous 2, you need to attend this last one. Trumpets and Mellos are scheduled for it. If you did not attend a wash, we recruit you to clean tables after meals at band camp.

    Don't forget that we have our first music rehearsal next week Wednesday beginning at 5PM. Have your pregame, halftime, and competition music printed and ready to go. Drum Camp begins the following week at 8AM.

    The Shirts are in! The Flags are in! The Stages are built! The Guard has rehearsed all summer, and the Drill is almost complete! There was a lot of prep work into this year's show and we are well away on our road to STATE. Be sure to be at rehearsals and do not miss! See you next week and enjoy the rest of your summer.

    Dia De Los Muertos

    Amherst Marching Comets 2018

    The performance begins with a field full of undecorated and bare tombstones, then progresses to a somber appreciative ballad for those that have passed as students work the stages into vibrant memorials for their deceased loved ones by assembling multitiered Ofrendas. The show then culminates with a joyous celebration for those that have passed through an eruption of colored flags and fabric.


    2019 Disney/Florida Trip Pages UPDATED!

    Many people are reaching out and asking questions regarding information for the Florida Trip. You can find information on Florida under the Florida 2019 Tag on the Band's Webpage. There, you will find information about our venues and places we will visit as well as a quick Itinerary of what to expect during the week. As we get closer to departure, look for announcements on Facebook, our Main page, and on the Florida announcement page in the tab above. We will also add documents, such as the Florida Handbook, and any final handouts on the PDF page. If you are planning on keeping your child for a longer stay after we leave for home, paperwork for permission to do that will be in the handbook. Here is a link to the Florida info page. 

    Current Disney Chaperone Interest as of 5/11

    List of current chaperones interested in Florida 2019:  Let Mr. B know if we have missed anyone or you are interested and not on the list!  All Chaperones will need to have a Volunteer application on file with the Board of Education along with a valid background check through the state.  Chaperones pay the same rate as the student membership.

    We will be in need of about 9 Female and 7 Male chaperones at the most.

    Chris Barbaro, Chris Lash 

    Female Chaperones 
    Allison Kocheff, Beth Strawn, Kim Diaz, Jennifer Amon, Alexis Szudarek, Bethany Matos, Tommecca Fryson, Amber Fennell

    Male Chaperones
    Christopher Allen, Kevin Breen, Mike Uszak

    2018 Marching Season is underway!

    Planning for the 2018 marching season is underway!   All potential students have been given their welcome letter that spells out the schedule, cost, and expectations of the organization.  The $100 membership deposit that reserves your spot on the field and for the Disney Trip is due by Tuesday, May 1st.   Any parent that is interested in attending the trip as a chaperone MUST email Mr. Barbaro with your interest.  Chaperones pay the same amount and on the same schedule as the students.  If there is too much interest, chaperones will be picked based upon need and prior experience with the band.   

    Marching Comets 2018 Band Camp Dates

      More details will come out in March

       Tuesday, June 26th - Leadership Seminar/Orientation
       Wednesday, July 18th
    - Music Reading Clinic
       Monday, July 23rd - Friday, July 27th - Percussion Camp
       Wednesday, July 25th - Music Reading Clinic
       Week of July 29th Sunday-Friday - Band Camp 3-A-Days
       Week of August 6th - Band Camp 2-A-Days
       Friday , August 10th - Band Lockin
       August 14th, 15th, & 16th
    - Band Camp 1-A-Day
       Monday, August 20th - First Day of School

      Not a complete fall schedule but these are the important parts!

    Congrats 2018 Marching Comets Percussion

    Snare 1 - Dylan Strauser
    Snare 2 - Isaac Austin
    Snare 3 - Alex Torres
    Snare 4 - Aaron Boothe
    Snare 5 - Tyler Strauser
    Snare 6 - Dominic Lachman
    Snare 7 - Gavin Breckenridge
    Snare 8 - Christopher Thorsen

    Tenor 1 - Karly McFarland
    Tenor 2 - Faisal Nooh
    Tenor 3 - Brad Koba-Nelson
    Tenor 4 - Kylie Lawson
    Tenor 5 - Adam Griffith

    Bass Drum 1 - Emily Fernandez
    Bass Drum 2 - Molly McGlothlin
    Bass Drum 3 - Cian Liaskos
    Bass Drum 4 - Rachel Kurucz
    Bass Drum 5 - Spencer Hazelett
    Cymbal 1 - Aaron Kukucka
    Cymbal 2 - Kara Finney
    Cymbal 3 - Aderika Champe
    Cymbal 4 - Gwen Crain
    Cymbal 5 - Alex Justice
    Cymbal 6 - Open

    Front Perc - Cassidy Kettleman
    Front Perc - Gabe Sykes
    Front Perc - Nathan Fabian
    Front Perc - Steven Kukucka
    Front Perc - Tristan Klieman

    Keyboards - Ardith Amon
    Keyboards - Aubri Amon
    Keyboards - Hannah Clotz
    Keyboards - Jocelyn Taylor
    Keyboards - John Pando
    Synthesizer - Adrienne Clark
    Guitar - Gage Wilson

    Next Performance

    Away Football Game
    Clearview High School
    Friday, August 24th
    Report: 5:15pm
    Depart: 5:30pm

    Schedule at a Glance

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